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Teaching Background

My teaching philosophy focuses: (1) Team Science Based Learning; (2) Social Scientific Applications in Biomedical and Clinical Research; (3) Academic Pipeline Influence

In my prior courses, I utilize lecture-formats, discussions session, and group work projects.
Approximately 50% of my former students were pre-Med majors, preparing for the MCAT. Many of
them were interested in how sociological approaches apply to medicine, specifically in biomedical and
clinical research. As part of my prior courses, I designed student groups based on their disciplinary tracks
(e.g., pre-Med, pre-Law). For example, my former students in the pre-Med research groups, were able
to investigate how racism, gender-based discrimination, and social economic class dynamics impact
health and disease outcomes (e.g., heart disease, kidney failure, breast cancer, and sickle cell disease,

Teaching Awards:

Most Innovative Teaching Method Award ($500.00
award) – Presented in the Annual Teaching and Learning in STEM Sponsored by U of Miami, College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Engineering

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